Educational objectives

Ecole de l’Enfant is not your ordinary cram school. It is a school with a global vision – a vision our teachers are working hard to realise with passion and commitment.


“The children first” is our motto

Ecole de l’Enfant works hard to positively influence the well-being and happiness of our students. They are our first priority. We are not satisfied with simply providing educational support. Going one step further, we spend much energy on trying to see the world from the child’s perspective. What abilities and skills does the individual child wish to acquire? It’s a philosophy that always put the child at the centre. The children are our treasures. Our goal is not merely to help our students to pass tests, but also to open the door to the future for them, showing a world of opportunity, so that they can one day step out as leaders.

A school ready for a globalized world

Today there is an overall movement towards globalization in Japan, politically, economically, as well as culturally. We see this trend in education, too. 37 universities has been designated as “super global”, and there are many “super global” high schools as well as “super science high schools”. The Ministry of Education and Science is planning to greatly increase the number of students going abroad through its “Tobitate! Ryugaku Japan” (Take off! Study abroad Japan!) program. It plans to send out 120,000 university students, and 60,000 high school students. We are now approaching an age where simply entering a respected school is no longer a guarantee for future happiness. This is why Ecole de l’Enfant is broadening our approach to education to encompass not only academic study, but also non traditional courses, such as an outdoor activities programme and a President Academy. We also offer routes to study abroad through our Ecole de Keio NY and Enfant International, and support through an Overseas Studies Support Centre. It is a comprehensive and value added offering for young Japanese who wish to enter the world stage as truly global professionals.

Fostering individuals with a “strong life energy”

Our philosophy is to not merely help student pass the entrance examination to the school of their choice, but to use it as a stepping stone to realising a dream for the future. We strive to foster future leaders – individuals who will make an important contribution to Japan’s society. This is why we also offer physical education, as well as support and instruction to raise individuals with a strong life force, able to communicate effortlessly in English and build fruitful relations with other human beings. To this end we are building a unique and ideal educational environment not seen before in Japan.

“High scores” and “passing exams” are just a start–we are taking it one step further

The days have passed when all cram schools were about was drilling students so they could pass difficult entrance examinations. Cram schools in Japan are undergoing a revolution. The Ministry of Education and Science is promoting reform of the entrance examination system for universities, which may go into effect as soon as in 5 years. This will affect the educational system in Japan all the way down to primary school. The National Centre Test for University Admission will be replaced by achievement level tests, that will take the student’s personal qualities and character into account apart from academic performance. This is nothing less than revolutionary in Japan. The educational system will undergo a sea change where universities can admit students on the basis of a variety of criteria and perspectives, where the individual takes centre stage, and is no longer reduced to scores on a paper. Japan’s most famous universities–Tokyo and Kyoto university–will start screening applicants based on endorsements and personality tests, respectively. The personal character and qualities of applicants will thus be crucial factors for success. This is the background for the educational philosophy of Ecole de l’Enfant.

Our dream is to inspire children to learn based on our idea, to see them grow into leaders who can support and build the future Japan. It is a dream we hope to convey to all parents of the students at our school.