Enfant Junior High school Preparation

What’s different about us

A “total review” approach to teaching

In Japan so called “juku”, or cram schools, tend to place a heavy burden on students and their family by requiring extensive preparation for classes. We take a different approach. At Ecole de l’Enfant we only ask students to review what has been taught in class, which lets students spend their energy on discovery and exploration of new subjects. They can then deepen their by reviewing what has been taught in class at their own pace at home.

Expertly qualified teaching staff

Our teaching staff understand all the ins-and-outs of entrance examinations in this country. In particular, they have long experience of tutoring at a stage when the test is approaching, which makes all the difference to the student when when examination days comes.


Adaptive class composition

We group students in order to adapt to their individual teaching needs. This is done for students in 5th grade and higher, for math and Japanese language classes. What this means is that students in math and Japanese classes can be taught in accordance with their ability in these subjects.

A proper environment for self-learning

Ecole de l’Enfant provide special spaces for independent study. Freedom to work on a problem without interruption will often help understanding and retainment of the solution. When help or advice is needed, however, our teachers are always available to give a helping hand.


Ample feedback to parents

Ecole de l’Enfant provides constant feedback on students’ progress to their parents. Teachers will update parents when they pick up their children after classes, or by telephone. Parents receive a key point print-out for every class their children has taken, so that they can follow the progress of their child. Teachers also discuss the every child’s individual study situation with its parents on a regular basis.

Review tests for effective retainment

At Ecole de l’Enfant, 1st to 4th graders take review tests on a regular basis, and children from 5th grade and upwards are tested every week. This is to give teachers continous insight into their level of understanding of a subject, and how well they retain what they learn.

Fostering motivation and a competitive spirit

At Ecole de l’Enfant, students take a simulated “national test” on a regular basis from 4th grade, to improve their motivation and competitive spirit, and help them attain the highest academic standards possible.


1st Grade

Discovering the joy of learning, stimulation of interest

At this early stage it is vital that children find joy in learning, and interest in the subject matter. We believe that if children enjoy their prep school studies, they will also be motivated to study at home.

2nd Grade

Experiencing a sense of fulfillment

For 2nd graders, our objective is to help them aquire the habit of studying. We hand out worksheets to install the habit of practice by repetition in students, making study a part of the rythm of their daily lives. We also help them discover the fun of thinking, of solving problems using one’s own mental faculties, experiencing a sense of fulfillment.

3rd Grade

Strengthening students’ ability to think and to be persistent

When students reach 3rd grade, we work to foster the ability to think for themselves. We strive to inspire them to ask “why?” questions, to try to figure out that “why?”, attacking the problem from various angles, to make judgemens, and express their conclusions. We intruduce logical problems, train the children to arrange their thoughts, and to persistently pursue their studies.

4th Grade

Fostering students’ thinking ability, turning focus to examination preparation

For 4th graders we begin to turn the attention to preparing for entrance examination. We work on strenghening students ability to think, and to put their thoughts into writing. Classes become longer and students spend more days of the week with us. We work to strenghten their self-awareness, and pursue examination preparations more vigourosly. We work to make students aware of the importance of test scores by means of “simulated national exams”.

5th Grade

Laying a firm foundation for excellent examination results

The study objective for our 5th graders is a solid academic ability. We lay a foundation for the students to help their abilities truly bloom in 6th grade. In order to do this, we hold “review tests” every week to measure their performance, and polish their academic strenght by practicing entrance examination level problems.

6th Grade

Focus on the entrance examination, aquiring the necessary psychological strenght

6th graders study at Ecole de l’Enfant to aquire the necessary academic abilities and psychological strenght to pass the entrance examination for the school of their choice. The students are grouped in classes according to these factors. We help to instill the motivation in them necessary to prepare themselves. We work with each individual student, taking into account what their needs are in academic and psychological terms, supporting them on their path to the day of the entrance examination.